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If you want to apologize on your mistake then there is no better way than sending a sorry images to the concerned person who could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, a teacher, parents, siblings or just a friend.

Saying sorry isn’t something bad that’s why in every era it has been encouraged saying sorry on your mistakes as it makes the relationship more strong and helps each other to understand their mistakes and increase love.

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In past, when the mobile network was introduced, people use to send sorry SMS and MMS but today when the internet has become the most common way to get in touch with each other the sorry images are more popular than those old SMS tradition.

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While a photo can say more as compare to the text message. The Internet is full of heart full, emotional, cute and sweet sorry images hd.

So, it is not hard anymore to found sorry images which define your feeling to the person to whom you apologize.

It has been said that there are no sorry and thanks in love and friendship but sometimes a single sorry can makes a relationship stronger. That’s why it is always ideal to send a sorry message to your loved one when you realized that you have made a mistake.

To say sorry, you do not need any words anymore. You can send the sorry images through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and even through the photo SMS.

Benefits of sending sorry images:

I understand that it is not easy to say sorry but thanks to the internet who has made it easy for everyone. Now, you do not need to physically present to say sorry to someone. You can do this simply by changing your Whatsapp status into sorry status, writing a sorry quote on your Facebook or sending a sorry pics.

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The three words “I Am Sorry” has more power than “I Love You” as the sorry shows you respect for the person where love shows only love.

Usually it has been believed that the sorry images are only for the lovers that’s why when you search for these types of images on Google you will found that most of the images have been created for the lovers but the reality is different.

Sorry Images For Best Friend Download

The sorry images for friends, parents, siblings, teachers and strangers do exist and the traditions of sending these images are increasing. Why? Because of the following benefits:

  • 1 – You get relief: Saying “I Am Sorry” gives you relief and makes you and others feel better. When you are on mistake and you realized that then your brain does not accept it until you apologize about it.

By not saying sorry on time you can put yourself in depression. So say it loudly with the help of sorry pic, sorry wallpaper, sorry status, sorry quotes or sorry images and get relive. I guaranteed that you will feel better.

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  • 2 – It builds respect: Whether its friends, lovers or any other relationship, they all have been building on respect. By apologizing on your mistake, you only build more respect for yourself and show to the persons that you have feelings for them.By saying sorry, you also prove that you care about the concern person and do not feel ok without apologizing him/her for your mistakes.
  • 3 – Restore dignity: By sending an emotional sorry image, you do not only restores the dignity of the hurt person but your own too because it make them and you to feel better.By saying sorry you develop empathy towards which then can be transform into a better relationship and turn feelings of hurt into forgiveness.
  • 4 – It restores trust: By not saying I am Sorry, your mistake will not be disappearing and your trust toward the hurt person will decrease. So it is very important and it is sometime the only option left to restore the trust.The technology has made it very easy to say sorry. All you need to download a sorry image and send to the hurt person to restore your trust
  • 5 – Provide strong foundation: A single mistake can ruin your relation. It could be a small mistake too. By ignoring the small mistakes and believing that it does not matter a lot to say sorry for your small mistakes make the relationship weak.However when you say sorry on your small mistakes too, you are automatically strengthening your relationship.

How to use sorry images to say sorry?

We loved it when is someone being creative then why not being creative to say sorry? With the help of sorry images, you can say that you are sorry in very different, unique and creative way. No, you don’t need to make an image by your own.

The Internet is full with them and you can also check out the collection of sorry images and pick one which suits with your situation.

great sorry photo download

So, how to be creative with sorry photos? Following I am sharing my guide to stay sorry with the help of photos:

Who is the concerned person?

Before you send a sorry status, quotes, images or photos to say that you are sorry, you must know about the concerned person. For example, if you are sending sorry images to lover then you need to be romantic and apologize at the same time, where sending a sorry photo to the friend is totally different as you can send a funny sorry message to your friend.

sorry images to lover

So it is important to know first that to whom you are sending the sorry message. This will help you to decide that what type of message you will choose.

Sorry status:

Don’t just send a random I am sorry message to your loved one. This is count as being rude. No, trust me. Saying only “I am sorry” is not enough to make other purposes feel special. To make it special for the concerned person, why not simply change your Whatsapp status with the sorry message?

This is like you are accepting your mistake in public as it will not be read by the concerning purpose only but also by the other contacts in your phone.

This will show to the person that how important he/she is for you. So, use the Whats-app sorry status and tell your loved one that you care about their feelings too.

I’m Sorry Quotes:

The sorry quotes are there since ages which show that people use different ways to say sorry to their loved one. So, why not use those emotional, touchy and lovely sorry quotes to show your love? Sending a sorry quote as a text is totally an old way to say sorry like we use to do five years ago when there was only SMS option available.

Sorry Quotes

Look for the sorry images which contain quotes which fit with the situation. You can send those images through Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or even just through a Facebook post etc.

Latest Sorry Images | Sorry Pics | Sorry Wallpapers Free Download

Usually, the sorry quote images come up with very artistic themes. So, make sure that you are picking the right one which suits your situation? If you are saying sorry to your lover then you need to look for the quote which has the impact of love and romance in it. For a friend, you can choose funny and less serious sorry quote images.

Sorry images for the lover:

Usually, the sorry images have been searched by those who are in a relationship, in short, by the lovers. That’s why the search term sorry images for lover have the most searches.

For lovers, saying sorry is not only accepting your mistake but try to keep their relationship work. I have seen many relationships where it’s all end because one of them did not accept their mistakes.

So, sorry images for lovers are the most important in my whole post. The sorry images for lovers should have everything like a beautiful quote, background, artistic drawing and a sorry message to make it feel so special for them.

If you are saying sorry to your lover, then there is no better option than sending a sorry image to express your feelings.


Sending creative sorry images or pics can help you to express your feelings. Do not hesitate to do this as it is much better and easiest way to say sorry in a good way. The sorry images could be sent through many platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social apps but among them, Whatsapp is better.

Whatever platform you choose to say sorry, make sure that you choose the right sorry pic according to the situation. You do not need to be serious always to say sorry as in some situations you can use the funny sorry images as well, especially when you are sending the sorry message to your friend or the one who understand your feelings in a true way.

Mostly the sorry photos have been searched by the lovers. For them, all I can say that be romantic by using a good quote in it.

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